Darling NFT

Darlings' Rarity:

  • Normal
  • Talented
  • Special
  • Prodigy
  • Chosen One

Darlings Stats:

  • Smart
  • Agile
  • Humour
  • Charisma
Darlings Stats will affect its EARNING and BREEDING ability.
Darlings with higher stats will:
  • Earn more Tokens in Mingle Town Idle Workplaces
  • Earn more Rewards in Single Play Mini-games
  • Have higher chances to breed a higher rarity NEW Darlings
Players can customize their Darlings (NFT) with various costumes and faces to be more FASHIONABLE, TRENDY and be whoever the players wanted to be.
  • Players can Unlock NEW Darlings by opening NFT Eggs. NFT Eggs have different rarity that affect the chances to get higher rarity Darlings.
  • Through playing the games, Players will get Fragments to redeem NFT Eggs.
  • Through Dating, Players will get special item LOVE KEY that can be use when opening an NFT Egg to get higher rarity Darlings.
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