Land & Building Owners
In our Metaverse, players can:
  • Purchase, sell or rent land real estate with other players.
  • Build buildings with different functions, including a diverse workplace system with interesting jobs that all players can participate in, stores to trade with others, and places to host social interactions with one another.
  • Workplaces and Constructions focus on the following features:
    • Players can create NFTs that have in-game value to use and trade in our metaverse.
    • Companies/brands can directly communicate with customers through Mingle City: a powerful way to do branding and marketing.
    • Players can freely customize their places:
      • Customize house, furniture, garden
      • Pet System: players can adopt and have different kinds of pet
    • Players can build new workplaces for other players to earn Mingle Dollars
  • Through reimagining the real world to create an intuitive, easy-to-grasp economic system, as well as a casual, relaxing way to earn.
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