Social Features

Online Chat

When Metamate's team started researching and working on this project, we set an ultimate goal to bring the best gaming and social experience to our players. So besides combining classic gaming elements with unique gameplay mechanics to create an NFT game, we focus on emphasizing in-game interaction between players. We want everyone around the world to be able to connect and make new friends in our metaverse.
MetaMate integrates a chat feature so that players can chat on many channels, including your Private Friendlist, Global, and Local (by country). The online chat feature will be integrated in Q1/2022.


Through smart Preference customization and a finely tuned AI Searching system, players can find the right match for them and invite each other to engage in exciting in-game activities, relax, earn together as a couple.


Players can give gifts (Non-NFT) to other players through the Dating Feature in return for rare items like MM Fragments and Love Keys.
In addition, MetaMate is also developing the NFT Gifting feature.
We believe that NFTs are the property of the players. In a project that focuses on community features, it is entirely possible for MetaMate participants to give away NFTs to other players instead of exchanging on Marketplace. Gifts given away will be transferred directly to the recipient's wallet.
For security purposes, you need to check the correct recipient wallet address before making a transaction. Transactions will be secured through MetaMate's security system.
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