Mate Plus - Web 3.0

What is Mate Plus?

In general, it is a social media community, similar to Reddit, Digg, Quora, Mashable, etc.
This works as a web social news aggregation (aggregating news), web content rating (rating web content), and discussion (discussion, forum) website; initially focused on dating, NFT games, blockchain technology. In future development phases, the contents and communities on Mate Plus is entirely up to the users to create and contribute.

How does it works?

Community of registered members can post various types of content, such as in text format or direct links. Only registered members can then vote with the thumbs-up and thumbs-down (which can be considered as "like" or "dislike") on what is submitted to rank the posts and decide its position on the pages of the website.
Content items are organized by areas of interest called "Categories", to which registered users are recommended to create their own discussion community in any language.
These "Categories" are also completely user-created and self-selected for the manager (mods). Sections that violate the law or the terms of the Website may be reported and locked.
User accounts have Profiles. In each Profile, there is a posting history, a comment history, and also an NFT Gallery that they own on all-chains.
Tokens will be used as rewards, paying for mods, giving bonuses to users for posting many valuable posts and contents.
Users participating in categories and communities can donate, buy reward icon packs for other posts, or buy other privileges when using this website.